Our story

What we are all about

Harvest has over 200 employees around the globe. With headquarter located in Zhengzhou, China, Harvest has exceptional sourcing ability for chemicals used in agriculture industry, food additive industry, PICP (paint, ink & coating and adhesive) industry, pharmaceutical industry and polymer additive industry at Asian market. Currently, Harvest is quickly expanding distribution and source channel in North America market with its newly created Canadian branch. We are also enhancing our market in Europe, Middle East, Australia and Africa by constantly meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirement in both product quality and service efficiency.

By 2010, Harvest has become the largest chemical distributor in Henan Province, the most populated province in China. We are aspired to keep make progress by working as a team to create value for our customer, our supplier, our employee and our investor. 


Our Executive
Our Mission
Provide top quality chemical solution around globe and build platform to abridge distance between customer and supplier
Our Core Value
  • Focus on relationship: We are committed to established life-time relationship with both our customer and suppliers.
  • Integrity: We believe good relationship comes with condor and respect to our customer, supplier and employee.  .
  • Quality of service and product: We are focused on continuously improve the quality of our service and product to keep or exceed our customer expectation

We connect customers and suppliers to solutions that propel innovation and drive growth.