Dibasic ester
Product Title

Dibasic ester

Product Description

Its main ingredient is Dimethyl succinate CH3OOC(CH2)2COOCH3, Dimethyl succinate CH3OOC(CH2)3COOCH3, Dimethyl adipate CH3OOC(CH2)4COOCH3. It is the unique constituent that makes the AGSE become a non-toxic colorless transparent liquid with high boiling point, which is of environmental protection and of biodegradation. Now it is widely used as general-purposed solvent of coatings.

 Technical index Standard: Q/AHK01-2005

Ester assay:≥99%



Boiling range:196-230°C


 Physical properties

colorless transparent liquid

Color & luster: APHA<50

Average molecular weight:160

Specific gravity

Electrical resistivity
24°C: 0.5MΩ

Steam pressure
20°C(mmHg): 0.1

Ice point: -20°C

Flash point (close)100°C

Surface tension
20°C:35.6 dyne/cm

Relative volatile speed
25°C(butyl acetate=1):0.008

25°C: 2.4 mm2/s


 Chemical properties

DBE is very stable in normal temp. and humidity. DBE is very stable at the usual temperature and moisture, and it has the typical properties of ester functional group, including saponification and hydrolyze.


1. Low volatile speed in the normal temperature, but its volatile speed will the accelerated with the increase of temperature.
2. wide boiling point, long distillation range helpful for adjusting volatility speed of the entire solvent system.
3. good levelling property, enhancing color and luster, improving covering power of dye, reducing the surface defects like orange peel, pinhole, fisheye and crater.
4. easily regulating prescription in coating system for it is easily soluble in most organic solvents
5.good solubility for polyester, acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, alkyd resin and epoxy resin etc.
6. good stability, not to oxidize and decompose in storage in nature
7. high flash point and low vapor pressure for safe use

 Substituted solvents

DBE can be the substitute of isophorone , cellosolve acetate(CAC), ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, propylene glycol ether ester type of solvent, cyclohexanone, diacetone alcohol, cresol, and so on.


DBE is extensively applied in the fields of Coil steel coating, automobile coating, baking coating,tin plate printing coating, carpentry coating, vessel/can coating, printing ink industry, metal furniture coating, insulating coating and resin industry.

Also it can be used as cleaning agent, paint remover, casting core agglomerant, soldering flux in electronic industry, and intermediate compound in organic synthesis.


Kept in iron drum or special plastic drum, it is non-corrosive, non-photochemical reactive, non-inflammable and non-explosive matter.

 Packing & transportation

Net wt 220kg in 200L iron drum or special plastic drum,transportation is following the regulations of normal liquid.

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